Weekly Web-up! Amazing Spider-Man 655


Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Marcos Martin
Colors: Muntsa Vicente
Letters: Joe Caramagna
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Reviewer: Johnny Destructo

Spoiler alert: Dan Slott has a taste for bloody murder and I have a taste for…his taste..for bloody.. murder? Also: Marcos Martin should draw Spider-Man comics forever.

So, yeah. Marla Jameson didn’t survive the attack of the Spider-Slayers, and while I never really cared for her one way or another as a character, Slott and Martin may have produced the best Spidey comic of 2011. I’m calling it now. From the silently somber funeral scenes through the guilt-ridden dream sequence, to the introduction of a brand new baddie, this book is just what the title’s adjective describes. In every way both haunting and beautiful, this will be an issue difficult for Slott to surpass.

Marcos Martin’s interior pages are exceptional in design, composition and line weight, while his cover is elegant and sad in its minimalism. Someone commented today that the mostly white cover is ripping off the DC Logo covers that have been littering the shelves recently, but I have to disagree. Those covers, while also quite minimalistic, lack the emotion and weight that this cover evokes. The DC books in question are basically pin-up shots on a white background, designed to be exciting and iconic, but don’t really succeed in bringing forth their respective comics’ interior stories. They are interchangeable and lifeless by comparison.

Huh. Lifeless. You know, for a book with one less life, Slott’s AMAZING SPIDER-MAN is anything BUT.

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  1. steverogers5 says:

    Thanks for the review.. I wasn’t intending on picking up Amazing Spiderman this week, but I took the risk based on your review, and was just blown away by how phenomenal the artwork is. I totally agree that Marvel should book this guy long term for the Spidey title. What amazing visuals he created in this issue!

    And the script was pretty damn Amazing too. Glad to see that Slot actually remembers the events of the original Spiderman Vrs Wolverine oneshot, (Unlike Bendis who totally ignored it so he could script his own reveal of Logan discovering who Spidey was in his Secret War book, despite the fact that Wolvie had already known this for years..)

    But I always thought that Peter shouldn’t have been able to shake off his killing the ‘charlie’ woman in that issue, no matter how accidental it may have been. Marvel always seemed to want to sweep that one under the rug..(much like they did for years with the neck snap to Gwen) and so I was very glad to see Slot giving that some weight.

    Also love all the little ‘easter eggs’ in the dream sequence, like the cameo of the ‘Kid who collected Spiderman’. Great work, by all concerned..

  2. jaydee says:

    I agree with you agreeing with me, haha! Thanks for bringing up the Charlemagne storyline, as well! I meant to mention that in my review but totally forgot. I was so impressed with him including that..

    For a second I was wondering if Slott would also include May, Peter’s daughter from The Clone Saga as well.. but alas..

    The Kid Who Collected Spider-Man…that was the Paul Jenkins story, right?

  3. steverogers5 says:

    Nah, it was Roger Stern, way back in the 80es!:-


    It was sort of adapted in the 90es animated series, though they changed the kid to a girl for some reason..

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