Pop5 – BEST OF 2010!!

Whey hey hey! After much deliberation here at the PopTards Office Complex, here are our Pop5 lists of THE BEST OF 2010!


I’ve been absolutely nuts about the comic series since it hit the shelves back in 2003, and the 6 television episodes we’ve had so far have completely lived up to the top-shelf standards of the comics. The second season cannot start soon enough!

You probably know him as Donald Glover, or the black kid from COMMUNITY, but he was also part of the comedy troupe Derrick Comedy and writer for 30 Rock with Tina Fey. This dude is ridiculously talented with the english language and even translated that into a rap career, though technically career isn’t the right word, since his stuff is all free on the internet! Check childishgambino out here.

I went a little SP crazy this year. Re-read the whole series when part 6 came out, saw the movie in the theater 5 or 6 times, then got the DVD and watched that a couple times. I’ve been pushing this series ever since issue 1 came out to anyone who would listen. But can you blame me? That shit was fun! Hilarious, action-packed, adorable, romantic. What DIDN’T this series have? Even the soundtrack was pretty rad!

For a guy who started out hating drawing on computers, this beast is surprisingly the most amazing thing I’ve ever owned. I can do my entire illustrating process, from sketching all the way through completion right ON MY MONITOR. This thing is ridiculous, and is totally worth the money! Get a Cintiq 21UX here.

My number one experience this year absolutely had to be having a sit-down with one of the nicest comic legends ever! In little less than an hour, Joe increased my confidence and abilities more than I can say. I’m jealous of Andy and Adam Kubert for having this gentleman as a father. Check out Joe Kubert’s World of Cartooning here.

This year I made some small, but great discoveries through the internet, friends, and iTunes. Please enjoy my Pop5 (in no particular order)!

While at Disney’s Epcot I got to eat at Tokyo Dining. Great place. One of the things I got to try was the pork belly. When it came out, all I saw was a chunk of meat with a significant amount of pork fat sticking to it. Looked umm, interesting. I tried it anyway. Even though the texture was a little squishy, the flavor was amazing. I guess it’s true when Chefs say, “Fat is flavor!”

I first heard about this place when a friend of mine and I were talking bath products. We scheduled a trip to Philly and made our way to the store. Walking towards the it, you can smell the scents pouring out. That alone was all I needed to get hooked. Inside the small store is sensory and visual overload. There’s so much to try and smell. I walked out that day spending $70 on just bath products. This is a UK based company but the site for US is lushusa.com.  I would definitely make the trek to Philly if interested since it gives you the chance to smell and try things for yourself. Bonus: Most of their stuff is vegetarian and vegan friendly! My pics: Butterball bath bomb and The Comforter Bubble Bar for the bath. For the face: Tea Tree Water

I’m not a huge comic reader, but I know what I like. Recently, I had both of these recommended to me after I was in a shop looking for Fables. I read them both and love them! Chew is about a detective that can get psychic readings off of anything he eats. This makes for some interesting crime solving. Just think about it. You’ll catch my drift. The second, SweetTooth is about a boy Gus who has a sweet tooth and some of his adventures in a post diseased plagued world. I won’t give anymore away since he’s….different, and his adventures have a purpose. If you like stuff a little off the beaten path with decent story lines, I highly recommend both.

This show is usually on USA. I’ve been watching it on Netflix though to catch up. The show focuses on two best friends who solve cases for the Santa Barbra Police Department. One of the characters is “Psychic.” By that I mean he’s really observant and sells himself as a psychic. No this show is NOT The Mentalist. It’s quirky and down right funny. I’ve literally LOL’ed at this shows over the top and sometimes corny delivery and pop references. I really enjoy this show. It’s smart and funny. By the way, season 3 finale was epic!

The Doves: Kingdom Of Rust, Elbow: Seldom Seen Kid, Sigur Ros: ( ). I have pretty much kept these three albums by me for the past 3-6 months. They didn’t all come out this year, but they’ve pretty much been my Fall/Winter music. All 3 albums are beautiful. They all have some dreamy and lush quality to them that is perfect for this time of year. I can’t really describe them, but if you like dreamy, full sounding music, try these out. The links above will take you to the Amazon site with samples of the music. Warning: Unless you are used to slower music, do NOT listen while driving!  :)
And there you have it. My Pop5 of ‘010. Have you tried,listened to any of these? I’m curious of what you think! Comment below. May your 2011 be awesome!

5. HONEYS SIT ‘N EAT – 800 N Fourth St. Philadelphia

It takes me forever to decide what to eat because everything on the menu is delicious.  I often crave breakfast at times after the a.m. and they thankfully satiate that need in a homier yet more eclectic way than any IHOP can suffice. Even passing by its brilliant botanically decorated exterior brightens my day.

This year I went to Wizard World in Philadelphia and the New York Comic Con and they are all kinds of bizarre and wonderful full of unique people and amazing art. They give me a bit of sensory overload, but all in all a great time.

So this album was actually released in 2009, but I discovered it only this year thanks to the continuous radio play of Dog Days are Over, of which I actually never tire. JD burned the cd for me twice, but the first was pilfered by hooligans from his car. I’ve played the second at some point of every drive I take since receiving it.

I first loved this story in comic book form and the television series is a close second. Being a stylist and make-up artist, I am in total awe of the design put into the zombies. I’m just ecstatic to see a medium I dig given a slightly more mainstream venue to hopefully corrupt the masses(in the best way possible).
I’ve had so much fun working on our various projects this year having the opportunity to celebrate creation in media. I have more of a history of being a bookworm, so I’ve been fantastically challenged to expand my movie and music horizons. As an adult, it’s allowing me to embrace and appreciate my nerdiness more than it ever seemed acceptable in my younger days.

Y’s Pop5 of 2010

What are year it’s been, and such a neat and round number, I’ll be sad to see it go.  Anywho…Here are 5 of my top memories of the lovely 2010, as always, in no particular order:

Ah yes, just 12 short hours into the New Year, I was lucky enough to have paid an exorbitant (although not as exorbitant as some) amount of money dollars for the privilege of freezing my ass off at Fenway Park in the middle of the winter to watch one of the greatest hockey events of the year.  My beloved Philadelphia Flyers took on the Boston Bruins in an outdoor game that could have only been better had the Flyers managed to walk away with the victory.

The comics hold a very near and dear place in my heart, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read them cover to cover.  When i first saw the film I was completely blown away.  Not only by the effects, or the music, both of which were amazing, but by how perfectly the Cast and Crew managed to perfectly capture the books.  The look, the feel and the spirit of the books pours out of every frame, and was one of the best adaptations ever done.

If I were the religious sort, Christopher Nolan would definitely be on my list of 5 people to meet in heaven.  He has created some of the best movies of the last decade and has single handedly proved that creativity still exists in Hollywood. With some much crap raining down from the silver screen these days, one would have to give up completely on the cinema were it not for Christopher Nolan.

If there is one certainty i face on a daily basis throughout the professional hockey season, it is that one day the flyers will cause me to have a fatal heart attack.  This could not be more evident then during the final game of the year and the run up to the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  An entire season of pain and frustration coming down to a shootout. The redemption of Brian Boucher over the New Jersey Devils.  The historic come back against the Boston Bruins.  The complete smiting of the Montreal Canadians, including one of the greatest goals every scored, up to the crushing defeat to the Chicago Blackhawks at home.  It’s the kind of drama movie and TV producers can only dream of creating, and it nearly killed me.

This was, surprisingly, my first time ever seeing Weezer live, and they absolutely blew me away. I’ve been a huge Weezer fan since the blue album released but never had the opportunity to see them live before now.  It was really something special to not only hear the Blue album live from start to finish but also hear Pinkerton live from start to finish.  It was an amazing experience that i will never forget and a great way to round out the year.


My top 5 2010 theater experiences

Definitely the best film I saw in the theater all year. Ryan Reynolds performance is sometimes entertaining, highly compelling and truly heartbreaking in this movie. I hope he gets some nominations, sadly, I think this movie was missed by most, only grossed over 1 million. The entire movie takes place in a coffin, 95 minutes of darkness (except for a flashlight and glowstick), but what happens in that coffin keeps your attention till the very end, and it stays with you long after the credits roll.

My favorite vamper movie of the year!! Doesn’t get better then sitting through a vampire movie with one of your best friends wearing those little kid plastic vampire fangs, that’s my idea of a good time… This movie is great, brings in some new ideas and theories on vampires.  The cast is lead by Ethan Hawke and Sam Neill, but Willem Dafoe steals the show as Elvis. “Living in a world where vampires are the dominant species is about as safe as bare backing a 5 dollar whore.”

If you have heard the hype about The Human Centipede, it lives up to it, positively nauseating. Entertaining on a campy level, but it was down right difficult to watch some scenes. There was only one midnight showing at the Ritz in Philadelphia, probably about ten people in the theater, and some girl ran out at the end to vomit. nuff said. But yes, I will see The Human Centipede 2!!

I wasn’t expecting this to be decent or anywhere near as scary as the first Paranormal Activity, damn, was I wrong. It is actually a prequel, and the tie in with the first movie was flawless. I will pretty much watch any and all scary/horror movies, and it is very rare that I am really scared, and this movie scared the shit out of me.  There were times I didn’t even want to look at the screen because I didn’t want to see what was going to happen. There was screaming and jumping, and boy, I did not want to sleep by myself for quite a few days after this one.

How have I been in Philly for the last four years and this was the first time I went to this?!? From noon on October 30th – noon on October 31st the International House in west Philly hosted the 24 hour horror-thon. It was awesome! Some of my favorites shown were the original Dawn of the Dead, Nightmare on Elm Street 3, and one I hadn’t seen before, Bug, from 1975 about these crazy cockroaches that start fires. Alright, so we cheated a little and missed a few for food and nap breaks, but got to see some great movies I never thought I’d see on the big screen. I even got a copy of Cannibal Holocaust, one of my favorites ever! All this movie-going after a big Halloween party the night before made Halloween weekend my best weekend in 2010!


So that’s it for our best of 2010! If you could possibly disagree with us, leave a comment below! More than likely you’ll agree with us, because we’re amazing, and if you wanna do that, comment below! If you wanna regale us with sexy stories, comment below!

Come back for more awesome during 2011!!

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  1. Alana says:

    These are all great. I really like the Pop5 posts!

    Slai: That album has also been in my go to collection for a while. I love the song “Howl.” I’m glad she’s getting play here!

    Myke: Sooo jealous of the Weezer show.

  2. jaydee says:

    Alana: Agreed! I love the Pop5’s! Though they are such a jerk to post. I still can’t seem to fix some of the formatting bugs in the post above.

    Yeah, I also dig that Florence and The Machine album..I also remember one of her songs being featured prominently during film JENNIFER’S BODY.

    Slai: Damn those hooligans!! I wish I had thought to add HONEYs to my list! I love their pumpkin pancakes so much!

    Y: Inception was another one that almost made my list. SOOO good! That reminds me, I need to pick that up on DVD soon.

    Amy: There’s a HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2 coming out? I have yet to see the original, but god help us all.

  3. jaydee says:

    PS don’t forget to check out eppy 45, where we do a verbal POP5 WORST OF 2010!

  4. Mark Mackner says:

    Yeah, sorry I didn’t contribute this time. I started writing something, but then I got really bored with it, so I figured the readers wouldn’t find it any more interesting than i did. But, for what it’s worth, here’s my summarized Pop5…

    5. The live shows I went to in 2010… Faith No more, Rasputina/Gary Numan, and Crispin Glover. All terrific shows!
    4. Adventure Time. A new show on Cartoon Network. I LOVE it!
    3. Amazing Spider-Man. Such a great year for that title. SHED: the Lizard story, and GRIM HUNT were 2 standout stories.
    2. Community. My new favorite show. If you’re not watching, you’re really missing out. The Halloween episode was an instant classic.
    1. Morrison’s Batman and Robin/Batman Inc. I haven’t enjoyed Batman comics this much in ages. It’s made me happier than you’d think to have such fun Batman books on the shelves again. And Damian Wayne is the breakout star of the year, in my humble assertion.

  5. Amy Reisman says:

    Awesome lists. Jd, thank you for including me!

    ahhhh, Walking Dead, a definite best. I loved the series (13 episodes planned for season 2) I was a little behind on the comics, just started them this past summer, on the 8th trade paperback, and they are addictive! Jd, get me more!

    Alana, if you liked pork belly, try pickled pig’s feet. I was scared, but they are actually tasty if you can try and not think about what you are eating.

    Y, Inception. Didn’t see it till it was out on DVD, sadly missed this in the theater. It was amazing!!!

  6. JD (Host) says:

    Pork Belly? Pickled Pig’s Feet????

  7. JD (Host) says:

    Mark: I still have yet to see Adventure Time, I’ll have to check it out..
    Have you been watching YOUNG JUSTICE?

    I’m with you on Amazing Spider-man, obviously. I’ve been loving the series and it feels so good to not just be picking it up out of habit, but to actually look FORWARD to it!

    I’ve only seen an episode or two of Community, but what I’ve seen I like, and I’m a huge Donald Glover fan.

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