Edna ‘E’ Mode says “NO CAPES!”

Umm, yeah. Let me start with I’m not impressed. It’s kind of corny. I think I’m super’d out. Capes are so 80’s.

Ok, now that I am done my little release, certainly not in my pants, I will tell you how I feel about the new “American one-hour super-hero drama series” that just aired on NBC. It isn’t anything new and they are far from convincing me. I’ve recently been catching up on some entertaining stories like, “All Star Superman” and “Wolverine: Old Man Logan,” and I have been enjoying the tails. Maybe because they are already established heros, but these are stories that should be done and not try to start a new character.

How the hell does no one realize this guy is The Cape. No Dark Knight scratchy voice, watch this amazing voice changing: Batman Interrogation Spoof, or amazing mask like The Green Hornet. I realize this is a tv show, but these things are what make heros worth following.

I am ok with the origin and the reason behind becoming The Cape, but I’m not ok with the corny lines, the lack of secrecy and the psychopathic villain. What really made me smile, how ever, was the almost tragic death of the mentor to inspire our hero. I did laugh a little. I mean come on, Mr. Miyagi never died, but if he did I’m sure Daniel-san would’ve found some sort of flaming fists of fury move that Miyagi never showed him.

I am not sure what else to say other then I’m not really happy with a 2 hour premier, but I will always give it a second chance. You can let me know what you think and try to change my mind, but honestly, that’s time you could be watching this and realizing you are wrong:

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