ZOMG…That Was A Fun Season! *Spoiler Alert*

Yeah, so I just watched the season finale of Dexter Season 5. At the beginning of this season I was told this would be the last season. I was intrigued. The season was nothing short of suspenseful, if I may say. Every episode had me on edge and discussing what was going to happen next with my fellow co-workers.

There were a few dynamics that I didn’t like and then there were a few mini-plots that just made me grin. I will list them out for you to follow my little recap of Season 5.

Season 5 of Dexter was great. Dexter starts with stalking some new prey, like norm, while also juggling Harrison and the fact that Rita, his wife, was just murdered. Astrid and Codey move to Orlando with their grandparents and Dexter finds the Mrs. Poppins of nannies to take care of Harrison. Once he finally kills his next victim he finds himself in a little bit of a pickle.  This Joe Shmoe of a murderer apparently had a victim of his own stored at his house where Dexter set up his Kill Room. The helpless woman, played by Julia Stiles, witnessed the ritualistic killing and the Dexter’s life quickly spirals out of control.

*MAJOR SPOILER* (Skip down if you don’t want to know)

Without going into too much detail about more of the story, Dexter helps Lumen, Julia Stiles, get revenge on all her assailants. While all this is going on Dexter’s sister Debra is completely oblivious to her partner’s investigation of Dexter. These ingredients have created one sweet season!


Ok, on to some of my likes and dislikes.


  • Ending – It was just what I wanted.
  • Interesting way of obtaining victims.
  • Dexter – Michael C. Hall is nothing but fantastic. He finds ways to convey emotion without showing too much emotion. It’s very unique.
  • Mess-ups – The writers do a great job showing he isn’t the perfect killer and I love that about him.


  • Babysitter – I really like the fact that he has to hire a babysitter, but she’s so gosh darn annoying. She is too perfect and she has to be making more money then me to do that job.
  • Debra Morgan – Once again she makes a terrible choice for a boyfriend. This is probably due to some messed up Daddy issues, but they never give her any time to show any of this. Oh yeah and the sex scene in Dexter’s house was fucked up.  I tried to keep it clean, but come on. I half expected them to end up in the tub they just cleaned.
  • Lundy – I don’t want to really get into him because of risk of spoilers, but the story line for him was really abrupt and anti-climactic. Good job at acting Keith Carradine. You plaid a douche-bag cop well.

And that’s it. I’m looking forward to seeing another season and can’t wait to see the next victim. Screw team Edward or team Jacob, I’m team Dexter!

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  1. Season 4 Dunk…Season 5 just finished this week…it’s On-Demand right now.

  2. Sorry season 4 picture threw me….still though — season 5

  3. Ok Optimous, I have corrected myself. I don’t think I should take benadryl and write a review afterwards. Season 5 was great and I am actually happy there is going to be another season!

  4. JD (Host) says:

    I really wanna read what you wrote up there, Uncs. but I haven’t seen the last season yet!!!!

  5. Alana says:

    I am finally on season 2. Don’t laugh. I don’t watch a ton on TV. Though this had spoilers, it still makes me want to watch it! I am looking very forward to catching up!

    Great post. <3 Dexter.

    P.S. Give the books a try if you haven't. Not too shabby IMHO.

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