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Whoa! It’s been quite some time since I last wrote. Any-who, on with the show!

It’s that time of year again. Weather is getting colder, clothes are getting warmer, and wallets…are getting emptier! Welcome to the holiday season. Personally, years of retail have darkened my outlook on this time of year, but I still love getting together with family and friends, and watching their faces when they open their gifts. Yes, that’s right, I said gifts. That’s what I am going to talk to you about today. Like many, retail hardened people I have turned to the internet for my shopping. Every year I sit in front of my anti-crowd machine and get down to shopping business. I always have my normal sites like and that I frequent. Every year I tend to stumble upon a great site when trying to find that unique Dr.Who gift, or something Trek related. Over the years I have saved and used these awesome sites. Time and time again, they always prove to have that special something when I need it. Without further adieu, here are my go-to Geek sites….


-This was my first….gateway site so to speak into geek gift giving. I seriously go here EVERY YEAR and buy at LEAST 2 things from it. They have everything you and I (my constant readers) would want. Everything from Zombies and Ninjas (soo last year) to kids StarTrek onsies and bacon! That’s right, you can dress your offspring in nerd clothes. How awesome is that?!? Like Dr.Who? Who doesn’t? They have great gifts for the Who-aphile in your life. Caffeine addict? They can help. Tea picked by monkeys can be yours. They also have caffeinated hot chocolate, to keep you warm and hyper through those long winter LAN nights.

J!NX: Clothing:

-Want to dress a gamer or WOW head? This site is perfect. Jinx offers shirts and some other clothing with gaming themes or actual gaming graphics. Looking fr that perfect WOW shirt? This is the place. Jinx has licensed product. Some prettty cool ones too might I add. Make sure to look at the new WOW hoodies they just dropped. They’re hot! Oh did I mention hey make GIRLS stuff too!! P.s. WOW stands for World of Warcraft for those who are in a social bubble. Just sayin’ :)

Geeky Clean:

-Just found this thanks from a tweet from Wil Wheaton. How many times have you been to a crowded LAN or Con of sorts and wished people knew what water +soap equalled? You want to tell them it will add +5 to attractiveness and significantly decrease repulsiveness. Well this site it a great way to encourage hygienic behavior. From Cthulhu tentacle soap to the heath soap with a 20 sided die encased in it, these soaps will wash away the con-sars and leave you clean and ready to play again! Oh and yes, there is a Tardis soap.

Shana Logic:

-This is for the person who likes super cute things. Like robots? Like food themed scarves? Well this is your site. Shana Logic offers an array of super cute (and sometimes pink) things. Not only does this site offer super girly and fun clothing and jewelry, but there’s guy stuff too! Did I mention you’re supporting indie artists and designers? That will look good on your indie merit badge for sure!

Mütter Museum Store:

-Do you know someone who likes medical things that are say, a little off? The Mütter store can help you with that. This small online store has crime scene scarves and soap ladys on a rope. The site also just added conjoined twin cookie cutters! Talk about a unique gift. But don’t take my word for it. Go visit the store. If you’re in the city and you like seeing medical exhibits, go! It’s a good one! Want to know more about what the Mütter Museum is? Go here: Mutter Wiki

So there they are, my holiday shopping go-to stores. Let me know what you think! Have other stores? Share! I am sure many people will need those last minute gift ideas. Oh yeah, if you’re looking for something hand made and unique, go to! I promise you’ll be on that site for hours. Great Steam-punk selection.

Happy Holidays Everyone, and to all a good night.


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  1. JD (Host) says:

    holy nads! i don’t wanna ruin the surprise, but i’m TOTALLY ordering some stuff from these sites for friends!! thanks for the awesome links!

  2. Alana says:

    Yeah, I totally got the conjoined twin gingerbread cookie cutter! I can not wait to use it!

    Also just got the sushi shirt from J!NX (out of stock now):

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