JD reviews the YOUNG JUSTICE cartoon

I loved Saturday morning cartoons as a kid, but then..who DIDN’T? Getting up early and watching a handful of colorful boobtube misadventures while eating a bowl of Chocolate Coated Sugar Bombs before I had to get on with my day. Pure glory. I got a taste of that this morning when I watched the series premier of YOUNG JUSTICE, DC’s new animated nerdgasm of a cartoon. DC has a lonnng history of creating excellent animated programming for their properties, the most notable of which, of course, being the BATMAN ANIMATED SERIES that started in the 90’s. Rest assured that this series keeps the mojo working.

Greg Weisman (Gargoyles, Spectacular Spider-Man) gave this synopsis at the NYCC:

We’re adapting Teen Titans, we’re adapting Young Justice, we’re adapting the whole DC Universe. We’re set on Earth 16 in the DC multiverse and we’re sort of making ours a young universe. Superman’s only been around 10 years, the Justice League’s only been around three or four years. Robin’s been around four years. The others have been doing it for even less time. Speedy for three, Kid Flash for two, Miss Martian hasn’t done it at all yet when our series starts. So we’re keeping it young.”

There is a lot to like about this show! First off, the wit actually made me laugh a couple of times. My fave happens during a crowd scene as the Justice League and their sidekicks are entering the Hall of Justice.
“Is that BATMAN?!”

“I see Flash and Flash Junior!”

“Um..his name’s Speedy!”

“Noo, Speedy is Green Arrow’s sidekick!”

“Well that makes NO sense!”

It’s a total throwaway moment that takes place in the mumblings of the crowd, but I actually rewound it to watch that scene twice! Hilarious! I always wondered that myself when I was growing up.

I also really dug that they went the unlimited approach to the Justice League. While the JLA aren’t the main components of this series, it was awesome to see a slew of characters make an appearance here. I really didn’t expect to see more than the main 7 JLA’ers in this show, but we get a bevvy of guest appearances, including Captain Atom, Captain Marvel, Black Canary and so-forth. I LOVE when a show will bring out characters just for shits and giggles. I did, indeed, shit while giggling.

I also loved seeing Project Cadmus, The Guardian and Blockbuster, some C-Level characters that I didn’t really expect, so that was pretty cool.

Something did throw me off here though..from what I can tell, ROBIN is the one doing most of the wise-cracking, but it felt like most of those lines would go to KID FLASH. I would have expected Robin to be the straight-man of the group, all business and bad-ass while KF did the sassin’. But whatevs!

I’m curious to see what’s coming up, considering the promo material seems to feature Arrowette as Green Arrow’s sidekick instead of Speedy, and I’m looking forward to seeing Miss Martian’s interaction with the rest of the team now that she’s been introduced. Also, will we see Wonder Girl? I can’t wait!

Like I said, there is a lot to love here if you love animated versions of your fave characters, so grab your cereal and enjoy!

When not hosting the PopTards Podcast, fist-bumping his own nethers, discussing movies, comics and other flimflam here, JD “JohnnyDestructo” Korejko is graphically designing/illustrating/inking for a living, hanging with the @$$holes over at www.aintitcoolnews.com and Booking his Face off over here.

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  1. Mark Mackner says:

    Yeah, I managed to catch TRANSFORMERS PRIME and G.I. JOE RENEGADES the same day (Reviews to come sometime this week), but by the time YOUNG JUSTICE came on, I had sadly lost control of the TV. Sounds tits, though. I’m sure I’ll see it soon enough.

    On a sorta-related note, is TEEN TITANS worth picking up now? I saw Damian on the front and it said MEET THE NEW BOSS. That’s got loads of potential, if he’s officially on the roster. Thoughts?

  2. JD (Host) says:

    I can’t wait to see how the Transformers and G.I.Joe biddies were! Young Justice was great though! Come over and watch it with me if you want, I have it on my computer.

    Teen Titans was actually good, yes. I love seeing Damian on that team…Check it out!

  3. Bobby Kulb says:

    Great Review. I think the “Wisecracking Flash” was developed solely by the creative teams of the newer cartoons. As a diehard Wally West fan almost from the first issue of his run; he always seemed like a very introspective and times almost brooding guy; trying to live up to his dead mentor’s image of being a hero. Now they made him into a Spiderman-llike, quip-a-minute comic figure.

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