When I say HEROES you say OK I WILL CATCH UP!!!

So we are now in the 4th season of “Heroes.” The only thing I can say about it is that it makes me revert back to those Saturday morning cartoons that I loved so much. You know, when you would grab your proton pack and stomp trap and catch some ghosts with the Ghostbusters. This show has all sorts of twists and turns and sometimes you don’t know who is on what side.

My favorite part of this television show is the character development. Most shows will keep the characters in a certain comfort zone of emotion and development to keep the show going, but not “Heroes.” Each season some heroes will slip up into the power hungry maniacs and some will become the stand off little lamb that wants nothing to do than get back to their regular lives. I was very weary when they started introducing new people with new powers, but so far we are doing pretty well.
A nice thing about the TV series is that it has kept up with the original comic book feel. They do this by not only having heroes and villains fighting one another, but the online comic books and the side character break off skits are just what the doctor ordered for that extra craving for more content.
So when you need a change from all the CISs and Law and Orders hop over to NBC on Mondays at 8 pm est and enjoy some awesome twists and an occasional car flip or flying man who forgot to switch to his tights. (no they aren’t super heroes, just people with something a little extra)

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    sounds good will give it a try.

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