JD Reviews RED ROBIN 17!

Title: Red Robin 17
Writer: Fabian Nicieza
Penciler: Marcus To
Reviewed by JohnnyDestructo (JD)

My feets is in my mouths. I said on the PopTards Podcast this week that “if only they would make Red Robin interesting, I’d read that too”, and I take back my snarkitude after reading this month’s issue.

I was excited to enjoy Tim’s transformation into Red Robin and his subsequent series, but after a couple issues, I gave up. I wasn’t interested in Tim trying to track down what really happened to Bruce Wayne after his “death”, I wasn’t particularly enjoying Ramon Bachs artwork, or Tim Wayne’s new brooding attitude. I just didn’t care. However, with this issue, I saw the itty bitty batty Batman Incorporated logo at the top of the cover and decided to check it out yet again. And much to my surprise, I enjoyed every page. I got to see what Cassandra Cain is up to now-a-days now that she isn’t Batgirl, got to see a more balanced Tim stepping out of his little yellow booties and become a Batman in his own right, a little bit of his struggle with his personal life, and most interesting of all, his interactions with a new version of the classic Tim Drake foil: Lynx. I love that he recognizes that while he hopes it isn’t the case, she just may be his lifelong “Catwoman”. I really enjoyed their dynamic and look forward to more of Tim unsuccessfully trying to resist her poison apple charms. Annnnd we finally have a more touching scene with Bruce now that he’s back. (Although…really? Bruce and Tim take off their masks on the rooftop of a highly populated metropolis? That’s just reckless.)

The art chores were really well handled by Marcus To, a name I don’t recognize but he puts on a strong showing here. It isn’t flashy, but it’s solid. Some of the action bits come off a tiny bit static, but that’s me being nit-picky.

Overall, this was an interesting and engaging read, that I’d recommend to people who had previously given up on the Red Robin series. But hey, I lived up to my end of the bargain. They made it interesting and now I’ll be reading it!

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