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Untold Tales of Blackest Night

I wasn’t sure if I really needed MORE Blackest Night. But turns out this is a good stand alone issue! Some of the stories are sort of useless, like Scarecrow’s change into a Yellow Lantern of the Sinestro Corps. But there are also some actual Deleted Scenes from Blackest Night written by Geoff Johns. One great one involves The Rainbow Raiders (a bunch of villains who stole the gear of the original Rainbow Raider and divvied up his powers. Yeah, one of the silliest Flash villains ever). Brilliant 2 page story. Another cool one deals with Ragman, who, after reading this story…I may have to pick up his new issue #1 that came out this week.

If you really enjoyed Blackest Night, this is an ok addition to your series.

Knight & Squire #1

So…these are basically the Batman and Robin of London. I suppose they serve a purpose, but I don’t know what it is. And reading this issue certainly didn’t help. I didn’t care about anything that happened here, and I definitely don’t need to be picking up any more of this series. I’m probably going to take this issue and exchange it for a different one at my LCS next time I go. This was awful.

Kick-Ass 2

I enjoyed the first series but I’m having trouble delving into this one as much. Maybe it’s because I actually liked the movie more then the comics, maybe it’s that the 1st series was enough, and I don’t need these characters fleshed out more? I’m not entirely sure. I think the film embued the characters with more heart and care then the series did originally and now it’s difficult to go back to the more douchey versions of these people. Hell, maybe I was just in a bad mood when I read this, but whatever the case, I just didn’t enjoy this the way I was hoping to. It’s not gonna stop me from reading the next issue in the hopes of liking it more, but this just didn’t thrill me. I do love the tagline on the cover though: TASTE THE AWESOME!

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