Pop5 List – Most Disturbing Scenes!

Pop5 : Most Disturbing Scenes

JD (JohnnyDestructo) Korejko

5. Audition – Eyeball Pokin’
I dug this movie because it is, essentially, two films. The first part is an adorable romantic comedy, while the end is another thing entirely. It’s disturbing, surreal and graphic. There is a bit where the sexy villainess goes at our hero’s eyes with tiny pins, while singing a tinny, creepy “di-di-di-di-di-di-“.  I heard that sing-songy, terrible sound way after the credits rolled. But hey, Mr. Man, sometimes that’s what you get when you set up a fake, frakkin’ CASTING CALL just to MEET A GIRL! You ass-hat. You earned those pins in your eyes.

4. Anti-Christ – CLITorectomy
This film was a beautifully shot and atmospheric little horror gem that many people, understandably….HATED. There is graphic sex with penetration, a man ejaculating blood after getting ka-bonked on the manjunk with a log, and a woman taking a pair of scissors and CUTTING OFF HER OWN CLITORIS. Good god, man. And it’s SHOWN, up close! I don’t even have one of those and I grabbed my crotch in mock pain after seeing that. What a horrible display of Genital-cide. Blargh.

3. Nekromantic – Eyeball Suckin’
Another movie with gross eye stuff. Noticing a pattern? I got together with Master FilmMaker Mark Mackner years and years ago to watch this film, and I believe I made him shut this movie off after a VERY REAL looking eyeball is sucked out of a decomposing skull by a woman, into her mouth…in a very sexual manner. This was AFTER the actual, live skinning of a rabbit and many many many other atrocious acts took place. This mucus-laden eye being lovingly sucked into a mouth was where I drew the line. I actually got sick to my stomach. Granted, being a self-respecting horror-phile, I absolutely had to go back a couple days later and finish it. The second time wasn’t so bad, even though it TOO, had a man ejaculating blood. (See above)

2. Cabin Fever – Lipless
This was a hilarious horror comedy with many cringe worthy gross-out scenes, including a disgusting leg-shaving tragedy. But the one that got me was when adorably plucky love interest rolls over with vacant but seeing eyes, and a face that literally had NO LIPS. Her mouth had been eaten away by the skin-ravaging disease, and it literally haunted my dreams. Gross!

1. Happiness – Tuna Sammich
So, this one is the worst of the bunch, despite the seeming innocence of the scene itself. The ever creepy actor who played Doctor Curt Conners in the Spider-Man films, takes a turn here as a family man with unforgivable sexual tastes. I even feel weird typing it out here, so I’ll leave it at this: a drugged tuna fish sandwich and a small boy. I hate this movie for putting this on film.

Jess “the hoss” Tutton

5. Clockwork Orange-
I am one of those people that the idea of contact lenses is pure torture. I seriously can’t even touch my own eyeball without breaking out into dry heaves. Imagine my horror to see an eye being held open and gah… I can’t even think about it or the heaves will begin.
4. Something Wicked This Way Comes-
I don’t even remember whole pieces of this movie and I really feel like I need to go back and watch it. But, yes this was the stuff that filled young Hoss’s nightmares. There was one scene where the room was covered in horrible spiders. And this is the reason I have arachnophobia today. The whole room was crawling with them. Which has pretty much described my nightmare situation of my every day life at this juncture. I would rather be stabbed with hot pokers once a minute than be covered in spiders. Give me pain over arachnids any day. Give me bleeding horrible zombie folk. I’d love to snuggle up to a serial killer. Just keep the damn spiders away from me. Thanks, mmkay?
3. Requiem for a Dream-
This whole movie is disturbing frankly. Really great movie, but the type I watch and say “Wow I can’t sit through that again.” Maybe it’s because I work with drug addicts, and know about their lives and know how realistic this is… I dunno. I am offended by the scene at all, but I did the whole “ass to ass” scene so hard to watch as a woman. Not that act necessarily, but just in the context of the story and how awful and nonsexual it was, to see her used in such a way. Ugh, it was just degrading for the character, you can see how low drugs had taken her.
2.  Jaws-
What a classic movie. This is too frequently left off of favorite movie lists, myself included. But I challenge you to say you didn’t think twice the first time you went into the ocean after the first time you saw this movie. I have known grown adults who refused years later to go in the ocean after this movie. The scene with Hooper (Dreyfuss) in the cage under water. Watching Quint slowly being eaten alive. I mean I wasn’t grossed out, I didn’t have nightmares or anything. But slowly being eaten alive by a large animal is pretty much one of the worse things one can think of… especially the SLOW part of that particular scenario. (However, maybe I should have rewritten this to state that some of the sequels were some of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen.)

1. American History X-
Another unbelievably fantastic movie. Really well worth it, powerful stuff. But holy crap. Curbstomping.CURBstomping. CurbSTOMPING. You got it.  I don’t even think I knew such a word existed previous to this… It was so gruesome and quick. Ouch to the thousandth power. (And yuck to the millionth power too.)

Here’s my top 5 of disturbing/gross me out movies. You know, sometimes
I wonder why I turned out the way I did. Enjoy!

1. Twin Peaks – Fire Walk With me
There’s a scene where a man comes in through the girl’s window. It’s an old man and he crawls towards her on the bed. Then the face starts flashing between the old man and the girl’s father. It was then I
figured out a certain something. Thank you David Lynch. Jerk.

2. Hellraiser II
I am a HUGE Hellraiser fan (though I pretty much stop at part 2). There’s a scene where this insane guy imagines that there’s bugs all over him and someone hands him a razor to get them all off. Definitely cringe worthy!! Skinless Frank also used to bother me. He was all shiny and slick looking.

3. Poltergeist
I first saw this when I was WAY to young. Watching it now, I’m not scared, but when you’re 6 or around that age, jeebus that whole movie creeped me out. First of all, the tree in that movie was horrible. I hated looking out of my window after seeing that movie. Then there was the whole meat moving across the counter and the maggots. Oh man! Totally freaked me out! And yeah the skeletons in the pool were totally real if I remember correctly. Creepy!….*Sigh* and I wonder why I turned out the way I did.

4. Child’s Play
OK this didn’t freak me out so much as it was a cruel joke. When I as still young enough to play with dolls, my cousin decided to show me a movie. He said,”Come see this. It’s a movie about a doll.” Being
young and naive, I followed blindly and sat down to wittiness what I thought would be a cool doll movie. What I got to see was a messed up, dirty, and possibly bloodied My Buddy doll giving someone the finger. Once again, I wonder why I turned out the way I did.

5. Night of the Living Dead
This is more of a gross out and disturbing because what I found out about the movie. You know, there’s the scene where the zombies are eating parts and playing tug-o-war with entrails right? Well did you
know some of them were real? I mean as far as I know it was only pig parts, but still gross and disturbing knowing that these people were chomping down on raw stuff! I gagged after watching the scene.

Well there’s my top 5!

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5.  ANATOMY (2000) “Face-wearing scene”.
German horror flick starring Franka Potente of RUN, LOLA, RUN fame.  I only saw this once, and years ago, when it was new to video, but this one scene still stands out in my mind.  The killer (A member of a bizarre “Anti-Hippocratic Society”) has skinned Franka’s uber-hot blonde friend.  He’s got Franka all tied up and is monologue-ing about how beautiful the friend’s face is.  Then he’s like, “I wear it sometimes, when I get lonely”, and he puts it on.  I know we’ve seen killers wear people’s faces before, but there’s something especially unsettling about this scene.  I guess that goes to the performance of the actor playing the killer, which I believe is BENNO FURMANN.  He’s outrageously creepy and effective here.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… NO ONE does horror like the Germans!  And a psychotic German doctor… that’s about as scary as it gets!

4.  FEAST 2 (2008) “Baby gets eaten by the monsters scene”.
Oh, boy.  You know, there was once a time in my life where I would give mad props to any film that had the balls to kill a baby/child.  It’s just so RARE and polarizing, and a defiant “fuck you” to mainstream audiences that the young punk in me would have to sneer and “Oi” in approval.  Fritz Lang’s “M”.  Del Toro’s MIMIC.  Burton’s SLEEPY HOLLOW.  “Capital kid-killing”, thought I.  But then, something major happened in my life.  I actually had kids of my own and, well, suddenly, I started to see why people had such strong, unfavorable reactions to kids being killed in movies.  And THIS scene… whew!  It was rough.  The thing is, otherwise, I REALLY love the FEAST series, and it’s punk rock, exploitation, anything goes attitude.  But this was the line-crosser for me.  The would-be hero is running from the monsters, baby tucked in his arm.  In any other film, HE might’ve died, but he’d have passed the baby to someone, or tossed it to safety somehow.  But not THIS movie.  Dude sees he can’t outrun the monsters and throws the baby to them, and they rip the defenseless thing apart.  And, yes.  I will admit that it bothered me.

3.  TRAINSPOTTING (1996). “Baby dead in the playpen scene”.
See above, kinda.  Yeah, most would go with the “nightmare baby on the ceiling” scene, but to me, the still, lifeless baby in the playpen is far more disturbing.  Even BEFORE I had kids, that rattled me.  It would’ve been effective enough, I think, had they just suggested what had happened, but then they brutalize us with that painfully slow panning shot of the doomed tot.  THAT is REAL horror, friends.  No monsters, gore, OR Germans.  Just the horror of finding your baby dead in her playpen because you were too damned busy shooting up.  Awful.  GREAT film, though.  One of the very best of the 90’s, without question.

2.  NEKROMANTIK (1987). “The first sex scene”.
Yup.  More Germans.  Germans just have their own unique ways of disturbing us, and really, nobody does it better.  Here we have NEKROMANTIK, the film in which a crime scene cleaner’s girlfriend leaves him for a corpse that he brings home.  See, he brings it home so they can have a 3-way with it.  And not only is the chick into it, she digs it SO much, that he wakes up one day to find her and the corpse gone, and the most fucked-up “Dear John” letter EVER.  So, anyway… this sex scene… well, it involves an eyeball being sucked out of a skull, and since the corpses’ junk is rotted off, they replace it with a furniture leg that the chick mounts, and… well, I’ve already said too much.  This film also features a REAL LIVE RABBIT being sliced to ribbons, and a cat being placed in a sack and slammed into a wall until it dies.  Not to mention the “blood ejaculation scene”.  I’ve known people that have been to Germany, and they swear the people there are friendly as can be, but I don’t buy it for one second.  They’re SCARY.  And they’re not done trying to take over the world.  Mark my words, people.  BE READY!!!!!

1.  CUTTING MOMENTS (1997).  “The cutting off her lips with scissors scene”.
You didn’t think ANYTHING could trump NEKROMANTIK in the “disturbing” department, did you?  Then comes this little-seen anthology film from 1997.  There’s blurbs all over the VHS tape that I bought (way back in ’99, I think) about how Tom Savini dubs it “the sickest movie” he’s ever seen, and other similar quotes.  You get through the 1st four shorts in the anthology, all of which (Except for one dud) are immensely entertaining and original in their own way (Particularly the first one, CRACK DOG.  Genius!), but you’re wondering “Just when the hell is this thing gonna get sick and disturbing?”  Then the final film comes on, the title track, if you will.  CUTTING MOMENTS.  WOW.  HOLY FUCK.  WOW.  I have seen a lot of fucked-up movies in my day (Do I need to tell you about NEKROMANTIK again?), but this thing EASILY takes the cake.  Whoever made this film has SERIOUS emotional problems, and I would NOT be surprised if he’s killed someone for real.  It’s about a dysfunctional family, where Dad is cold and distant, and the only child displays signs that he’s been sexually abused.  And the Mom wants nothing more than to have a happy family.  She tries and tries and tries to get this doofus to be nice to her, and one night, she pulls out all the stops.  She gets dressed up and gets all made up to look her best for him, and he can’t be bothered to look away from a baseball game on TV.  She then goes into the bathroom and starts scrubbing her makeup off.  She scrubs so hard, she bleeds, then she keep scrubbing until bits of flesh start to come off.  Then she gets a pair of scissors… HOLY FUCK IT’S SO REALISTIC AND FUCKING DISGUSTING!!!!!  Seriously, I have an insane amount of respect for the makeup effects people on this film.  I mean, it REALLY looks like this woman is cutting her lips off.  Then, the coup de grace, where she walks back into the living room and stands in front of the TV, forcing her husband to see what he’s done to her.  THAT IMAGE IS BURNED INTO MY MIND FOREVER!!!!!  I had to look away the 1st two or 3 times we watched it.  It’s hard to get through, no shit.  See it for yourself.  Most disturbing shit EVER committed to film, outside of snuff and kiddie porn, of course.  UGH.

Wedge Wegman

#5- Jennifer’s rape in I Spit on Your Grave has got to be the worst rape scene I’ve ever watched.  It’s so horrifying that even her revenge on the men doesn’t make me feel any better.  There really is no coming back from that.  There is no day for that woman.  However, it did teach me that murder makes for excellent therapy.

#4- Audition has a lovely scene where Asami vomits into a dog bowl and places it down to feed a captive man…who has no feet and is missing a tongue and fingers.  It’s quite a feel good moment that’s burned into my brain for eternity.

#3- Terminator 2
I’m so terrified of AI that I won’t own a smart phone…and I think it stems from when the Terminator melts from a horrible actor into the worst thing I could possibly imagine coming after me.  Fuck robots.

#2- Hardware
I’m gonna throw ANOTHER horrifying robotic scene into this list.  Although I usually enjoy post-apocalyptic films and use them to solidify my hatred for my fellow man, Hardware was not one of the usual end-of-the-world happy time movies.  Why?  Because the ultimate killing machine PIECES ITSELF TOGETHER A BODY and starts attacking the generic 80’s-useless-female character.  The scene where the robot is pulling together the hardware to build a horrific form, then hovers over the sleeping woman, terrifies me.

#1- Maximum Overdrive
I’ve got a lot of strange quirks, and those of you who know me well enough will see me do some odd things.  One of these is that I can not have pens or pencils pointed at me.  Another is that I will NEVER put my hand into a garbage disposal…even if it’s off and unplugged.  This intense distrust of inanimate objects comes directly from Maximum Overdrive.  The initial attacks from the mechanical objects is my #1 most disturbing scene from a film.  Thanks Steven King.  I hate you.

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  1. Jess "The Hoss" says:

    Jd- HA HAHA. I am laughing at our repellance to eye stuff.

    Good stuff.

    By the way, I am so glad I didn’t watch it, but I had nightmares after Pete told me about that movie Human Catepillar. It sounds like it deserves a spot on this list.

    more Pop5! More Pop5! Love it.

  2. MasterFilmmaker MarkMackner says:

    Yeah, I saw ANTICHRIST, too. And, while it was a well-made film, and I’m glad I saw it, there’s one I don’t think I’ll ever need to revisit. Unpleasant, to say the least. I dug the dead talking fox, though. CHAOS REIGNS!!!!!

    I DO remember that 1st attempt at watching NEKROMANTIC. Ahhh… those were the days. Where we did the things. With the guys. At the place. THINGS TO DO IN DENVER WHEN YOU”RE DEAD-style neo-noir speak, or veiled references to sexual activity? Only you and I can know for sure, old friend. But, yeah, I’m glad to see that movie’s still bothering us after all these years.

    I AM kind of surprised to see that CUTTING MOMENTS didn’t show up somewhere on your list. Come on, man! It took MULTIPLE attempts before we both made it all the way through that movie. And it’s only like, 20 minutes!

    I’m with Hoss. MORE POP5, please! These are a blast! And how about another JRUNKTARDS while we’re at it????

  3. Jess "The hoss" says:

    Mark- ouch cutting off lips. Is that the whole plot? Seriously, dude, have you SEEN HUMAN CENTIPEDE? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhh. That’s my official comment. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

  4. Mark Mackner says:

    No, I actually have NOT seen Human Centipede yet. It gets kinda hard to find pockets of time to watch such things when you’ve got kids. I’ll catch it sometime, I’m sure. I WAS surprised to see that it didn’t make anyone’s Top 5.

    I’ll never forget the experience of seeing American History X for the 1st time in the theater, and the audience’s reaction to the curb stomp. Priceless.

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