Halloween Horror Countdown:23:30 Days of Night, Dark Days

The original 30 Days of Night was a fine horror film based on the inventive and terrifying graphic novel by author Steve Niles and illustrator Ben Templesmith. This sequel was co-written by Steve Niles and is based on the graphic novel of the same name. Survivor of the Alaskan massacre, Stella Oleson isn’t played by Melissa George and her teeth due to scheduling conflicts, but by Kiele Sanchez (Lost). Coincidentally enough, fellow Lost alumni Harold Perrineau is here as well. Also appearing is Diora Baird (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning)

Stella, as the only survivor of Barrow, is traveling the world, trying to get people to believe her story, when she is recruited by a gaggle of vampire-hunters to track down and kill Lilith (played by Mia Kirshner), the head vampire.

Positives: Mia Kirshner’s butt. (or perhaps it was a stunt butt, either way it was quality stuff!)

Negatives: I miss Melissa George and her teeth.. Sanchez is a poor substitute here. Also, for a film with such a need for realistic blood, the crimson stuff is kinda crappy. It just looks like they used red water. And for some reason, the vampire makeup that was creepy in the original is just kind of lame here.

Bad-ass Moment: The end was the only part worth watching, actually.

Over-all: The brilliant part of the original 3o Days was the Alaskan setting, where the sun set for an entire month, leaving the inhabitants of the town unprotected by glorious rays of sunshine…hence the friggin’ title. But this is set in LA, and is just another sub-par vampire movie.

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