Halloween Horror Countdown: 24 : The Killing Gene

How much torture could you take before you killed someone you love?

I used to think that Selma Blair was kind of a useless actress. I mean, really. She was kind of terrible in  Cruel Intentions. And the Hellboy films? Sure they were fun, but it’s not like she was really delving, there. But in The Killing Gene (or w Delta z as imdb.com has it), she plays the victim of a brutal, terrible rape that involves the business end of a broken bottle. Round out the cast with fellow talented B-listers Stellan Skarsgård (apparently pronounced Skars-gourd, thanks Ames!) and Melissa George (of Alias, 30 Days of NightThe Amityville Horror remake and stand-out indie horror film Triangle) and you get a pretty strong cast.

Positives: This film is a slow build and has some pretty brutal stuff in it. It takes its job seriously as a gritty thriller and provides some pretty gritty thrills. Melissa George and her teeth do an ok job playing the rookie detective, but doesn’t really have all that much to do here, sadly. She’s good and could have been used a bit more. Stellan is also good as grizzled cop #1, though he hams it up a touch.

Negatives: It’s definitely too long. I found myself nodding off here and there. I don’t have a problem with long films, but make damn sure it’s interesting enough. This had a bit too much in common with Se7en for its own good. And everything that this movie attempted was done much more effectively in David Fincher’s neo-classic.

Sum: If you have already seen Se7en and want something similar, but with a touch more rape, then check this out. It isn’t too shabby, but it isn’t amazing either.

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  1. Mark Mackner says:

    And who DOESN’T appreciate “a touch more rape” here and there?

  2. JD (Host) says:

    ….it’s true. you DO love it when I force myself on you in front of folks..

  3. Slai says:

    Ewww. Well, that’s irreversibly burned into my mind’s eye now…thanks.

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