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REVIEW: Master Filmmaker Mark Mackner

Hola, adventurers, explorers, and thrill-seekers! Tis I, Master Filmmaker Mark Mackner, with a review of the best new show on television, ADVENTURE TIME! ADVENTURE TIME just had its Second Season Premiere last night (and it’s only been maybe 2 weeks since the Season 1 Finale), so I thought this special occasion would be a good time do an article on the show and raise some awareness of it. I LOVE this show, and I want all of you, my loyal readers, to enjoy life as much as I do, so PLEASE join me in sharing in the mischievous, madcap magnificence that is ADVENTURE TIME!

The story is simple: Jake the Dog and Finn the Human are best friends who embark on regularly irregular adventures in the fantastical land of Ooo. They rescue princesses and strange-looking villagers from evil wizards such as the ICE KING and monsters like the WHYWOLVES (Creatures “possessed with the spirit of inquiry and BLOODLUST!”). Jake is a shape-shifting dog who can manipulate his body in any way he pleases. He can grow to massive size, or be as small as a pea. Finn is a brave young boy, who wants nothing more in life than to be a hero and help those in need. His efforts are often hindered by the fact that he IS a young boy, and therefore prone to temper tantrums, jealous fits, and strange feelings around girls, such as the lovely BUBBLEGUM PRINCESS.

ADVENTURE TIME is a psychedelic kid’s fairytale, with authentic kid banter between Finn and Jake, and creatures that are so wild they could have only sprung from the limitless imagination of a young boy. The writers of this show have captured something really rare, that all-too-brief time in a young boy’s life where every day is an adventure, and play time can produce some fantastically original ideas. They took that innocence and spirit of wonder, and infused it with something really dark and disturbing. Which is another emotion that is never so strong as when you’re a child… FEAR. Some of the monsters on this show are truly terrifying, and the show’s creators aren’t afraid to scare your kids, and in this day and age, that’s pretty fucking awesome. Take a look at one of the Two-Headed Whywolves, and you’ll see what I mean…

But, that’s kind of a minimal part of the show. It’s comedy, first and foremost, and it’s like no other comedy out there. The Season 2 Premiere, “It Came From the Nightosphere”, is a perfect example of the unique blend of absurd humor and surreal horror the show has to offer. Finn decides to take it upon himself to patch up the tattered relationship between MARCELINE THE VAMPIRE QUEEN and her evil Father. Marceline is a powerful vampire, who’s kind of evil herself… but, well, in that mysterious brand of evil that only women can achieve. She’s tried to kill Finn in the past, and made him her lackey, and yet… he still kinda digs her. Because she plays an axe that’s an actual axe, and she has that whole sexy DEATH from the NEIL GAIMAN-verse thing going on. Here’s that look…

And now, here’s her full bat form…

But her Father, well, he’s SUPREME Evil. He lives in a nightmarish pocket dimension known as THE NIGHTOSPHERE, which looks a lot like HELL. And her Father seems to act a lot like SATAN. Except that, instead of using a baphomet and goat’s blood, this guy can be summoned by drawing a smiley face on the floor/wall, dousing it in bug’s milk, and chanting the magic words. But once he arrives in the Land of Ooo, he has little interest in visiting with Marceline (Who really doesn’t want a relationship with him, anyway), so he goes right to trying to devour Finn’s soul. “Dad, stop trying to eat my friends’ souls!”, she screams. “Yeesh, I never know what’s going to set you off”, Dad deadpans. Brilliant.

Dad spends the rest of the episode stealing souls from the cute and fuzzy denizens of Ooo (Including the adorable hench-penguins of the Ice King), while fending off attacks from Finn and Marceline. The whole time you’re wondering, “Where’s Jake during all of this?” Then the answer comes at the very end, in another of the show’s out-of-nowhere abrupt endings.

If you missed the Season 2 Premiere, well, it’s Cartoon Network. Check the Guide Channel, they’re bound to replay it at some point during the week or weekend. But, PLEASE!!!! Do yourself a favor, and get caught up with the most original thing on TV, and the Master Filmmaker’s favorite new show, ADVENTURE TIME!!!! I look forward to watching it with my kids every week.


And THAT is THE WORD, so sayeth THE MASTER!!!!

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