If “The Guild” was your first born I would steal it!

For your piece of mind, “The Guild” is a whimsical journey and an emotional roller coaster. This online series has all sorts of inside jokes that you can snack on. “The Guild” is a story of one group of people’s conquest to be the best Guild in their Massive Multiplayer Role Playing Game(MMORPG). With playing MMORPGs you have all sorts of people, from young to old, white to black, catholic to atheist. No one scope of people play these sorts of games. With this story you do not really see what they are playing so they speak to all of the MMORPGs.

I highly suggest an immediate halt of the world and everyone drop your children and grab your mouse. “The Guild” is in it’s third season, but you can watch all of the episodes at watchtheguild.com.

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  1. JayDee! says:

    Having only seen a couple of episodes, I still feel pretty justified in agreeing with your baby-snatching ways!
    This is a pretty hilarious, nerdy show, featuring a pretty hilarious nerdy girl, who I very much want to hug without clothes.
    Can't wait to watch more!

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