Halloween Horror Countdown:26:28 Days Later

I don’t give a boogens what you people say, this is a zombie movie. I realize there are no actual zombies, by definition, but I’m ok with that. And not only is this a zombie movie, but god-dammit, this is one of the best zombie movies ever. EVER. This is a smart, gripping, suspenseful and just…almost perfect piece of genre. The characters are believable and compelling, the story is personal, yet epic. There is no reason for you not to have seen this movie, if you haven’t by now. Danny Boyle is an excellent director (see also: Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire, Sunshine), and he does a bang up job here as well. Cillian Murphy is the breakout star here, but every single person in this film does their job flawlessly. There isn’t a weak pup in the litter, here. The music is bang-on as well. It’s bare bones when it needs to be and assaulting when it needs as well. Everything pulls together to make this just a joy of an experience.

I know I often joke (I’m not actually joking, I’m totally serious) that I would love a Zombie Apocalypse to arise, so that I might go about, killing the undead. Of all the Apocali, zombies are where it’s at. HOWEVER, for anyone up there that is listening and considering granting my life-long wish, please do not give me THIS apocalypse. Cause I wanna have fun taking a samurai sword to some slow-shambling zombies, not the mean motherfuckers that are in this film. This isn’t an adorable Z-Day where Zombies are fighting sharks, or playing Xbox like in Shaun of the Dead. I’d be eff’d in the face by these bastards. This is not a post-civilization that I’d like to hang out in. I’d be dead in ten minutes or less. When someone in 28 Days Later gets infected with the rage virus, you’ve got 10-20 SECONDS, tops, to either get the fuck outta dodge or kill them and kill them good. Otherwise, they’ll be wearing your guts for garters within seconds. This story is a terrifying reality to spend time in, but I gotta say, I love spending time in it. This is probably the 1oth time I’ve seen this movie, and it never gets old. This is a new classic horror film that will live on for decades to come. If you haven’t seen it yet, see it NOW.

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