Halloween Horror Countdown:27:Monkey Shines.

“Once there was a man whose prison was a chair
The man had a monkey, they made the strangest pair.
The monkey ruled the man, it climbed inside his head
And now as fate would have it, one of them is dead”

So…yeah. This is the PARAGRAPH that is on the poster for this film. I just wanted to make sure you saw that. And now, on with the review!

Do you love quadriplegics? Do you love monkeys? Do you love fucked up love stories between quadriplegics and mutated monkeys that are super smart and possibly homicidal? I bet you DO! I also bet that if I bet you do and if I’m right in betting that you do, that I’ll also bet that you’ll love this movie about a fucked up love story between a quadriplegic and a mutated monkey that is super smart and possibly homicidal!

The cover art for this movie used to haunt me as a child. Whenever I would go into the horror section of the local West Coast Video and peruse the boxes for my next bit of terror, this box would always be staring at me with it’s creepy fake monkey with the cymbals. Brr. Gave me the creepingtons.  However, I never gave it a chance…until now. The plot sounded just awful, but was directed by George A. Romero (if I have to reference what else he’s directed, you’re dumb). Of course that doesn’t automatically mean it’s gonna be a smash hit (if I also have to reference the bad movies he’s directed, you’re dumb.) Also, the cast had a few folks that I was surprised to see there, including Stanley Tucci and Stephen Root!

This was a surprisingly good 80’s horror film. Yes, granted, there are a couple moments between the quadriplegic and the mutated super-monkey that are laughable (IF you’re the type of person to laugh at the dramatic goings-on between a quadriplegic and his super-monkey. FOR SHAME.) But yeah, this was actually kind of a fun movie. If anything, it’s a good movie to have at your Halloween movie party, wherein you all drink and make your own MST3K commentary during the film. I know me and my friends would have had a blast enjoying/making fun of this movie!

Side review by Slai, and I quote: “I kind of love this movie, it cheered me up.”

So there you have it. This is definitely one worth going back and checking out of the vault.

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  1. LOL, that shit is way too funny. I will share it.

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