Halloween Horror Countdown:28:Bitten

When you’re flipping past the Netflix options, and you see a movie called BITTEN, and the sole name on the cover is Jason Mewes (yes, the Jay of Jay & Silent Bob), you probably don’t stop to see what’s what. You just keep on flippin’. However, Slai was in the mood for a vampire film, and this was the first one that we came upon. And it was actually much better then a movie with Jason Mewes as the star had any right to be. The cinematography was excellent, it didn’t take itself too seriously, and it’s got a couple quotable lines. I was already impressed within the first 5 minutes. Frankly, I expected this thing to be shot on a camcorder by some of Mewes’ friends or something.

It does get slightly over the top in the middle, and has a strange western theme for absolutely no reason what-so-ever, but that’s actually part of the charm. I could see a bunch of kats getting together and watching this and either laughing because it’s funny, or laughing because it isn’t funny. It’s good enough to be ok, and bad enough to be ok! And it really comes across that the people involved had a blast making it.

Believe it or not, recommended! Granted, if you’re looking for a vampire movie, you should watch LOST BOYS, or if you’re looking for a horror/comedy, you should watch Shaun of the Dead…but if you’ve exhausted your other options, this ain’t bad filler for a chilly October night!

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