Comics: Uncanny X-Force #1

Title: Uncanny X-Force #1
Writer: Rick Remender
Art: Jerome Opena
Color: Dean White
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Reviewed by Johnny Destructo

“No jovial sense of adventure. No camaraderie. To overcome the tension. This is NOT the X-Men.”

I must confess, I got halfway through the first issue of the last X-Force series, before deciding that it’s not at all what I wanted from my merry band of mutants. Being proactive: fine. Taking the fight directly to the bad guys: great. Murdering every single motherlover in the room for no good reason: blarp. It just felt like a bunch of assholes running around getting their stab on. Also, I kinda hated Clayton Crain on that book for some reason. Just felt over-done, I guess. This one’s feeling different though. The smaller team really helps. Cut down to just Wolverine, Phantomex (from Grant Morrison’s New X-Men run), Psylocke, Archangel (or Angel, depending on what panel you’re referencing) and the only other mutant with as much over-exposure as Logan: Deadpool. This feels like a pretty slim but effective team.
Conspicuously missing from this roster is former team leader Cyclops. Having recently officially disbanded the X-Force team, he has no idea that these cats in black and gray are still running around playing playing pin-cushion with people’s innards. Which is for the best, I think. It never sat right with me that Cyke would allow such a team to run amok. I realize he’s the new, improved, douchey-er Cyclops, but still.THIS feels like where Wolverine should be. Logan playing nice on both The Avengers and The New Avengers feels about as natural as him playing sassy tunes with Archie & The Riverdales, wearing Prince’s assless yellow chaps. Yeah, you know the ones, naughty boy. It’s just plain silly-town. But he’s at home here. I’m also glad to see Phantomex, who I loved back when Morrison created him. This dude just has so many interesting character traits! He has a symbiotic nano-technology relationship with E.V.A, is literally unable to believe in a higher being, his mask has “telepathy blocking ceramics”? Huh? Sure, why not? He is British, but pretends to be French, just ’cause? Go with it! I hope Remender really gets to play with this character, I’m looking forward to more.

Artist Jerome Opena does an absolutely fantastic job with this book. He has a bit of a David Finch thing going on without being over-bearing. He uses a variety of camera angles and keeps it in motion for a dynamic, fluid feel. Dean White’s colors bring it to a whole other level, as well, painting each scene a different hue, sometimes with an aggressive saturation level. It’s beautiful.This is a pretty fun book and features an old nemesis in a different form. I never really cared about him/her before, but this looks promising! Check it out, it’s definitely worth your $$.

Quick side-note: If you haven’t read the 3 issue mini-series X-Force: Sex & Violence, get ON it. That was the best thing I’ve read with an X on it since Second Coming!

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  1. Mark Mackner says:

    Yeah, I couldn’t get into that last incarnation of X-Force, either. Blarp, indeed. This sounds intriguing, though. I’m glad Psylocke’s back. Thanks for the tip!

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