Red Dead Redemption Review

Rockstar is back and yes it’s not another Grand Theft Auto game, swap cars for horses and mob guys to outlaws in this western thriller of a game that is simply put, remarkable.

John Marston is an outlaw who is trying to make a change for the future and forget his past since his outlaw buddies left him for dead at a shootout. Moving on with his life John has gotten married and formed a family with the birth of his first son, but, when the Gov’t steps in, all hell breaks lose. The federals have taken Johns family with the intent that he must hunt down his old gang one by one to be reunited with his family and so the chase begins.

During the course of this 30+ hour game, players will experience one of the best story driven games to date. With a great script being played out, it is easy to get lost in this world that Rockstar has created. The character development is outstanding, you grow and care with the characters and feel for them since they are all a product of their environment. Everyone has a story in Red Dead and the best part is that it dosen’t take away from what your main objective is as a whole, your family.

Filled with great plot twists, the story would fail without the help of some of the best voice acting in a video game to date, every character is filled with such personality that you can’t help thinking that these characters are just pixels on a screen. To match the voice acting is some of the most detail on a lead character to date, scars, dirt, torn clothes are all on display here. Every character has been giving such detail, not one looks rushed.

However, the games main character is in fact not Johnny Boy, (Brian; Who RJD2, who!!!) The environment is. The game features one of the most memorable set pieces I can recollect in a game. None of the scenery repeats itself and the world comes to life with all of the sounds and effects that it has to offer. Rain, Fog, Wind, it’s all here for you to experience. Wild life is there for the hunting, travelers ride the dirt roads, and side missions are all over the place. From helping a farmer herd cattle back to the ranch or searching with a gold digger to find gold, it’s all unique and offers a varied range of game play, nothing is predictable. ( For example, I went to see if there was a side mission with a boy standing near a wrecked wagon, to my surprise it was all a set-up and I was left fending for my life as 5 other men came out of their hiding spots to gang up on me.) it’s stuff like this that makes this game so entertaining.

But yes, it’s all a game and what it comes to down is the fact wether or not it is fun to play. The controls due to take some time to get used to, especially when your riding a horse, I felt the controls should of been a little more under control than how loose it felt. On multiple occasions I found myself getting frustrated with my horse bumping into objects in close quarters. The gun fighting is very arcade like with a lot of realistic looking blood thrown in, but don’t be alarmed, this is where the fun comes in. The combat is very addicting and makes you want to play the whole game over again to try and see a different outcome of a fire fight. Hunting with the guns is extremely satisfying when your trying to take a shot with a grizzly bear coming right at you. The game features a dead eye feature that is basically like slow mo, but unlike other games it works and is well placed.

My only fault with the game is the easiness of it, it is a sandbox game with no difficulty setting and simply put the game is way to simple to beat. You will die multiple times but once you see how you messed up you can quickly try again and continue. The length of the game counteracts this making you want to spend more time in this amazing world.

The western genre is not my thing in any way and I was simply blown away by this title. With so many games out there being extremely short, it is comforting to know that Rockstar can release a product that takes at least 30+ hours to beat without cutting back on the graphical and gameplay value.

Overall a 4 out of 5 in my book.

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  1. JayDee says:

    great review, RJ!
    After taking 17 months to finish your copy of Alan Wake, I can’t wait to borrow THIS from you and take 17 months to finish it!!!!

    oh, i’m just kidding.

    no seriously, gimme.

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