Comics: New Avengers 4!

Title: New Avengers 4
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciler: Stuart Immonen
Inker: Wade Von Grawbadger
Colorist: Laura Martin
Letters & Production: Chris Eliopoulos

Reviewer: JD

There are two aspects of the Marvel U. that I’ve never quite glommed onto: the cosmic and the mystic. That may be sacrilegious to some, but I’ve always been a street level guy when it comes to the big M. But despite all the mystic shanananananigans, New Avengers is still my fave of the lot. Actually, it might be the only one I’m still reading! Despite the presence of Doctor Strange, Daimon Hellstrom  and Brother (I’m sorry…DOCTOR) Voodoo, this team is actually a very low-key Avengers, by comparison, and that tickles my danglies.

However, not much of great importance happens in this issue until the end. Much of it seems like a holding pattern. Grunt Avengers: keep fighting mystical baddies to no avail! Mage Avengers: keep trying to figure out who’s behind the mystical baddies, even though the readers already know who’s behind it because they read the last issue! Not to say that it wasn’t an enjoyable ride, with the Ms Marvel bit and the Jessica bit and the what-nots, but looking back, it feels like we could have skipped most of this issue and gone straight to the next portion of the story, wherein we actually start dealing with the fella behind all this. And that is the good stuff, as far as I’m concerned. I don’t wanna spoil it for those who haven’t read it yet, but a character from Dr. Strange’s past is NOT pleased with Stephen. I love this idea! And what about the origin of The Eye of Agamotto? I don’t much care for Doc Strange, but I have to say, I’m dying to know where this is going. This could definitely change things for the character. These last couple years have not being going well for the poor guy and it seems like things are gonna get worse.

A couple of quick notes:
New York is a shambles. Again. Why do people still LIVE in Manhattan in the Marvel Universe??

Iron Fist finally get’s a new color scheme. And it works! Can we keep it? The white and gold actually look pretty cool. Though, colored by anyone but the amazing Laura Martin might make it look too disco, and it does NOT need to look any more disco then it does.

Ms. Marvel actually yawps out “Gooyiha” at one point. BMB was definitely chuckling to himself as he typed that.

I want more Jessica Jones! I LOVE that character, and it was cool seeing her do some bad-assery in this issue.

Stuart Immonen is one of the artists that make it an absolute joy to read comics. One of the few that make me take the time to sit and absorb every panel, occasionally going back after I’ve finished the book. He and Von Grawbadger make a great team, though occasionally VonG can get a little carried away with the thicker outlines around the characters. In the double-page splash, Ms. Marvel is farther away then Spidey, but her hair is outlined thicker then he is. My eye goes directly to that hair! Overall though, the art team here is nothing less then amazing.

The cover: Out of all the characters that have had a bad experience these past 4 issues, why is Spidey the main guy on the cover being tortured by The Eye? Iron Fist, I could understand, or Ms. Marvel. Spidey has little to nothing to do this ish. Weird choice.

Despite the holding pattern here, it was still a wacky, fun read, but I think the next issue is going to be the one to get! Can’t wait to find out the answers to Iron Fist’s questions.

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  1. Mark Mackner says:

    I’m with you, buddy. The mystic and cosmic stuff never gripped me as much as the Earth-bound stuff. I can handle an occasional trip to the Negative Zone, or the Brood homeworld, but that’s about it for me. And yeah, I hear you on New York in the Marvel U. It’s like Tokyo in the 50’s through the 70’s. It’s like, why even bother rebuilding the city anymore? You know as soon as the last brick is put back into place, another giant monster is gonna rise out of the sea, or crash from outer space and lay waste to the fucking place again. I guess these people all suffer from short-term memory.

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