JD’s Video Blargh! Week 1 up now! Watch!

JD talks at your face about LET THE RIGHT ONE IN! The Swedish novel, the Swedish movie based on the Swedish novel, and the American remake of the Swedish movie based on the Swedish novel!

When not hosting the PopTards Podcast, fist-bumping his nethers, discussing movies, comics and other flimflam here, JD is graphically designing/illustrating/inking for a living, hanging with the @$$holes over at www.aintitcoolnews.com and Booking his Face off over here.

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  1. Dig the vids. Loved the “surprise” reaction at the beginning. Masterful home editing job. Hard to improve on the comedic timing. When’s the green screen making it’s debut????

  2. Butterfly says:

    good job, bro!! hope it goes well for ya!! smooches


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