Let’s Discuss: Christopher Nolan’s Superman

Hey Tard’sters!

So with the news that Christopher Nolan is heading up the newest Superman film, taking over for Bryan Singer..Do you think the previous Superman, BRANDON ROUTH, should keep on playing Supes? Do you think he did a good enough job the last time, despite the story problems? Or can you think of somebody new to play the Man of Steel?

For those that don’t know: Christopher Nolan is the director behind BATMAN BEGINS and THE DARK KNIGHT.
Brandon Routh also just co-starred as evil exboyfriend vegan-powered Todd Ingram in SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD!

Discuss below!


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  1. James says:

    Let’s discuss my king.

  2. Kire says:

    Please let the franchise die. The last one was terrible as was everything after the first. I know people defend the second one as a product of the time, and the Zod and crew were great, but even in the 80’s I knew walking to Metropolis from the Arctic was bullshit. And he did it with no powers in 12 hours.

    If they do do it. 1) Make Luthor scary, not feminine 2) Give the audience a better plot than turning the world into crystals…3) some one who looks the part

  3. JD (Host) says:

    so Kire…do you not think Routh looks the part? I thought he looked good as both Supes and Clark..

    I heavily disagree with your stance on the franchise. We all wanted the Batman franchise to be murdered, but luckily Nolan came along and fixed it. I hope he can do the same with Superman. Like they say, there are no bad characters, just bad writers. And directors. And actors…

    Also, I stand by the fight scene in Manhatt-tropolis at the end of Supes 2! AWESOME!

    Also Also: YES. FIX LUTHOR!! I liked Kevin Spacey, but his GENIUS PLAN? ‘Tarded.

  4. Bobby Kulb says:

    I think Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman run combined with Mark Waid’s Birthright mini-series would provide Nolan with a pretty good blueprint for beginning a new Superman franchise. I think Supes works best when he indulges in that impossible science-fantasy strangeness peculiar to the Silver Age- but he needs to have some heart and well-roundedness of character for an audience to care about what happens to him.

  5. Bobby Kulb says:

    “My big spiel on this is, what is the real Superman? Is it the Superman who is being published in the comics today? But to the Smallville audience, they see the real Superman, and they outnumber us 1000 to 1. Or, a lot of people think Christopher Reeve is the real Superman. The real Superman is whichever one makes you believe a man can fly.”

    -Mark Waid

  6. Virago says:

    I think Brandon Routh should play Superman in the next movie and every Superman movie until he’s so old he has to use a motorized chair to get around. To me, (1) he looks and sounds the part, (2) he makes me “believe a man can fly” (much more so than Christopher Reeve ever did….yes, I know that’s blasphemous), and (3) he make me care about the character.

  7. JD (Host) says:

    Virago: really? You liked Brandon Routh better then Christopher Reeve? Routh was just doing a “Christopher Reeve”! Haha that’s interesting. What was it about his performance that got you?

    Bobby, nice Waid quote. My “real” Superman is probably Reeve’s. Though I think the All-Star Supes is too Silver Age to be translated into a movie..Bithright was good, and I liked Geoff John’s Secret Origin too..I think that’d make a great reboot for the franchise!

  8. Virago says:

    Hey JD!

    Yeah, I’ve heard that said before and I guess everyone has their opinion…..but to me, he was just doing a “Brandon Routh”. I think, possibly, he’s unjustly accused of doing a Reeve impersonation because the physical similarities between the two actors are so striking, but there again…..that’s my opinion and nearly everyone has their own. (1) Why did he make me “believe a man can fly”? Hmmmm…..well, of course the technology today is so far superior to the earlier Superman movies that the flying seems very, very real. But, more importantly,I think Routh’s background as a swimmer allows him to be very graceful on the wires. Don’t you think swimming is kinda like flying…..except in a different medium? For such a big guy, Routh possesses a lot of natural athletic grace. His interpretation of the ability to fly has a dance-like, almost a ballet quality to it. It seems nearly as natural to him as breathing. I wouldn’t be surprised if, in real life, Brandon is a very good dancer. (2) What is it about his performance that gets me? In school, I majored in theater….never did anything with it, but still, I spent four years studying the craft. One of the things I learned…..before an audience will believe, you must believe. You cannot simply say the words. For a brief moment in time, you must become. It’s called transformation and he achieves it. Look into his eyes. They truly are the windows to the soul. For that brief moment in time, just as Christopher Reeve before him, Brandon Routh IS Superman.

  9. Virago says:

    Hey…Hi!…..it’s me again…..

    First, please let me make a correction to my previous post. I should have said “transformance”…..I guess I was typing too fast and my fingers got ahead of me :).

    And…..I’d like to flesh-out point (2) a little more. Brandon Routh brings a vulnerability to the character that, IMO, Christopher Reeve did not. For me at least, it’s hard to care about someone who’s invulnerable, as well as invincible. Christopher Reeve did a great job and was fun to watch, but he didn’t make me care about the charactor he was portraying. Reeve’s Superman didn’t really need anyone…..yeah, ok…..there was a little bit in SM II, but not enough to make me truly care about the character. In comparison, watch Routh’s Superman…..look into his eyes…..at the Kent farm, staring into the distance; on the floor, helping Lois pick up the contents of her purse….he desperately wants to say, “I’m here, Lois….it’s me…..please see me….”; when he’s holding Lois after they touch down on the Daily Planet rooftop, you can see the pain in his eyes…..he made a decision to leave and these are the consequences, Lois has found someone else; as he looks at his sleeping son, you can see the love in his eyes….believe me, love makes you vulnerable. For me, Routh’s Superman is a more human hero and for me, that makes him a more believeable Superman and I care what happens to the charactor. In the final analysis, to be effective, an actor must be able to touch his audience. I looked into his eyes and was touched. For that brief moment in time, I believed there is a Superman.

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