JD reviews FIVE DAYS TO DIE #1

Writer: Andy Schmidt
Artist: Chee
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Review originally published at Ain’t It Cool News

Some of my fave movies to enjoy lately are “Kill Bill”, “The Last House on the Left” and “Death Sentence”. There’s just something about revenge. Whether it’s served cold or grilled with some garlic veggies, that shit is delish. We all imagine to what moral depths we’d plunge if someone effed with our loved ones. Thankfully, most of us (knock on wood) don’t have to worry about the actuality of it, we can just dive into these stories and enjoy.

Meet Ray. He’s a cop, and emotionally distant to his wife and daughter. When disaster strikes, he takes the revenge route, despite being told that if he moves too much he’ll die in the next 5 days. Ain’t skull debris a bit of bitchtits? What’s more important: staying in the hospital and taking care of his wife and daughter, who might not live to see the next sunrise, or seek out the villain? Even better question: IS there a villain at all? That’s the hook that has me chomping at the bit for the next issue. Our new buddy Ray might be blaming a man just to have a ghost to chase instead of dealing with his family. Or maybe he’s imagining things. There are a couple of options here and I’m super-curious to see the outcome. At this point I think I’d respect the story more if it turns out Ray is delirious and grasping at straws, just to make this noir story a little different than what I’d seen in the past.

The art by Chee employs a fitting style. Dark, almost impressionistic and a little melancholic. There’s also a very dynamic two-page splash that creates comic panels out of splattered blood. Fantastic!

To wrap things up, there is a very personal note from the author Andy Schmidt (previously of Marvel Comics editorial). Definitely give his message a read. I think it enhances the experience.

Now go experience it! Or don’t. I ain’t the boss of you.

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