Written & Directed by: Cory J. Udler

Review by: Master Filmmaker Mark Mackner

INCEST DEATH SQUAD 2. Great title! EPIC title, really. Even if you never saw the first film, you’re compelled to watch IDS2, because again. That title! Are you gonna be lost if you never saw IDS 1? Not entirely. It helps to have seen it, but it’s not 100% necessary. The events of IDS 1 are explained in the sequel. Though, not immediately. It comes out a little more naturally than that.

You see, last time our protagonist Aaron Burg had been forced to participate in a ritualistic killing arranged by Jeb and Amber Wayne, the eponymous duo who commit grisly acts of murder in the name of their Lord. Aaron, a reporter, is sent to cover their story and soon finds himself an unwilling recruit of the IDS.

The sequel deals with the effect his encounter with the IDS has had on his life. As you might guess, it’s not so positive. That’s one of many intriguing things about this film. It’s not a slasher flick. It’s not torture porn. It’s actually a very intense psychological study. And it can be pretty gruesome.

Aaron has settled in with the young lady he courted in the first film. But things aren’t going so well. He’s got urges and needs now that she can’t fulfill. So, he spends his time scaring hitchhikers and getting off with dead body parts, while she carries on an affair with the hot girl next door.

Jeb and Amber spend the film on a violent road trip, on their way to reunite with Aaron. But, monstrous as they are, they’re not quite prepared for what Aaron has become.

This film is a little over an hour, and in that scant running time, there’s scores of demented acts of insanity and other sinful scenes to hold your attention. Bloody killings, bare breasts, sacreligiousness, rape, losing a baby, necrophilia and, of course, INCEST. Writer/director Cory Udler deserves recognition and accolades for that. Dude doesn’t have much of a budget, but he crams as much awesomeness into this film as possible.

Greg Johnson, as Jeb, is a revelation (Pun intended). This guy is a force to be reckoned with. He’s a giant bear of a man, so his screen presence is undeniable. But it’s when he shows his vulnerable side that he really disarms you. Though his professions of love for his sister are unsettling, they are totally believable. And the scene where they stop to get directions, and Jeb wonders whether the man on the side of the road is their father, is really well done.

Some (OK, many) would find the religious motivation of the killers offensive, but if you do even the smallest bit of research, you’ll see that most of the violence in the world, throughout all history, is committed in the name of religion. Religion is evil, and it gives sick minds an excuse to do awful things.

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  1. I have to say I wish I got as amped about films and reviews as you. You definitely have gotten me interested in seeing this film. I am a big fan of seeing stuff no one has heard of and sometimes that is where you find the gems.

    I do enjoy my share of blood, boobies and blasphemy. It is now on the calendar and I have every intentions of coming back here to have a chat about this flick. Nice review Master Filmmaker Mark Mackner!

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