STORY: Tom Taylor

ART: Chris Scalf


REVIEW: Master Filmmaker Mark Mackner

Salutations, my fellow Star Wars geeks! Tis I, local indie horror icon and rabid Star Wars enthusiast Master Filmmaker Mark Mackner, with a review of the latest SW mini, BLOOD TIES. Star Wars itself gets me excited enough, but a new BOBA FETT comic is nothing short of an EVENT for me.

When I first read about this series a little while back, I was under the impression that it was just gonna be a Clone Wars-set, Jango and little Boba adventure, but what’s awesome about it is that it features both bounty hunters in the prime of their careers. You see, it starts with a grown Boba, surrounded by enemies (And what looks to be a Rancor monster!), stating that “I am not afraid. I have known TRUE fear”. We then flash back to a pre-Clone Wars Boba, being trained by daddy Jango.

What follows from there is highly reminiscent of Leon and Matilda in THE PROFESSIONAL, or Big Daddy and Hit Girl in KICK-ASS. Jango takes Boba on an assignment from Count Dooku, training the boy on how to be an expert assassin along the way. Jango begins by taking Boba to face “the most terrifying thing in the galaxy”, a giant monster known as the Balyeg. Jango sprays Boba with the scent of the Balyeg’s favorite food, then leaves the young boy alone to extract a tooth from the beast. Successful, Jango encourages Boba by telling him, “The most fearful thing you will ever face is behind you… you need never fear again.” Guess Jango never heard of the Almighty Sarlaac.

After accepting the mission from Dooku, the Fett boys pilot their super-cool ship SLAVE-1 to a planet called Atzerri, which looks quite a bit like Coruscant. As they embark on their bounty, Jango offers Boba little tidbits of wisdom, like “Always trust your intuition, Boba. It’s something stupid people forget to do”, and “If there is a way to neutralize a target without direct confrontation, it’s always the better option.”

Their relationship is quite intriguing. There’s the father/son thing going on, as well as the mentor/protégé thing, of course. But, beyond that, Jango views Boba as his partner. Rather than leave Boba behind to guard SLAVE-1, he has him come along for the hit mission, as his intuition tells him that something isn’t right about this job, and he may need Boba’s help. When they locate their target, he gives Boba the rifle and gives him the opportunity to take the guy out.

Plot-wise, there’s nothing really mind-blowingly original going on here, but if you love these characters as much as I do, you’ll eat this shit up. Plus, the whole, “Road to Perdition”, father-son killing team dynamic always makes for an interestingly disturbing story. And set that in a galaxy far, far away, give the father and son cool helmets, gadgets, and jet packs, and that’s just fucking awesome! The art looks like it’s painted, and many of the panels are very lovely, indeed.

Throughout the series, we’ll bounce back and forth in time, from Boba’s youth to his glory days as the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy. The Boba action figure was one of my favorite toys growing up, and I always make a point of picking up the comics he appears in. If you’re a fan, I recommend you go pick this up.

And THAT is THE WORD, so sayeth THE MASTER!!!!!!

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  1. JD (Host) says:

    nice review! when I was a kid, I prolly would have eaten this up, but since I’ve lost my taste for all things Star Wars after the prequels, I’ll just have to live vicariously through you, my old nemesis!

  2. MasterFilmmaker MarkMackner says:

    I understand your feelings regarding the whole franchise in the aftermath of the prequels, but my kids are WAY into all things Star Wars, and seeing their excitement for the stuff has really re-ignited my passion for it, as well. And dude, the CLONE WARS show on Cartoon Network is pretty fucking awesome! Anywho, with yet another week gone by with no new ASM, I thought I’d give you a little something to tide you over until they put out the conclusion to OMIT.

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