The One that Started it All! But it took a while.

So I was hunting around for something to read and a man came riding on a mighty steed. When he got closer I realized this mysterious heroin was riding something that resembled a mixture of a unicorn, Jersey Shore’s “The Situation” and a panther. He raised his head and revealed himself as Optimous Douche of Ain’t It Cool News.

My eyes refocused and his words resonated inside my head. “You must read Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Poof! The angel on my shoulder, JD, says, “Dude, its a beast. I even had a tough time and I’ve been reading comics forever.”

Of course I don’t always listen to that damn angel, but in this case he was right. It took me 2.56 months to read this collection of books, but it was worth it. This book has an awesome plot line and some entertaining dialog.

That is my over all feeling  about this book, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty the art isn’t that great.  There were a few instances that enjoyed the less is more approach, but when I feel I can draw it drunk with a good pack of crayons I’m not as intrigued.

Optimous Douche told me that this was the start of the not-so-perfect hero. I can see how it would pave the way for future story lines. Batman was a very vengeful hero that was taking no prisoners.  There was no one that was safe, it was all about survival.

Robin was interesting. I would’ve never had thought to put a girl in the position, but I think it worked. Made The Boy Wonder more innocent and showed different tactics. I also did find myself worried a couple instances for Carrie Kelly. This I haven’t been worried in other comics.

On a scale of 5, I would give it a 3.75. I can’t give it a 5 because of the art and it was so difficult to stay committed. I had to really pull myself from all my other books to hunker down and just finish it. I give this recommendation to someone who is experienced and is a completist.

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  1. JayDee says:

    hahah, i’m the ANGEL, huh? that’s a first!
    I’m glad you made it through…like Watchmen, it’s a bit of a pain in the ass to get through, but absolutely worth it! My fave are the Joker scenes. Miller portrays him in such an interesting light. Very metrosexual, as the kids would say these days. But there’s just so much to love about this book. It’s one that I go back to every couple of years and re-read.

    Side note: you should check out the Spider-Man:Reign series that Marvel put out a couple years back. It makes no bones about being a Spider-Man version of much so that the artist Kaare Andrews totally apes Frank Miller’s style and the newscasters are named Miller and Varley, I think. (Varley being Millers wife/colorist). I really dug should track it down!

  2. Optimous Docuhe says:

    So wait I’m the devil. I thought I was the white kinght…or dark knight shining light or…What I always treasured about this book (aside from it transforming the entire voice of comics) was the fact that I was reading regular batman at the time with all of his insipid trappings and then WHAM…

    This book bitch slapped people back in 86. A middle-age Batman how the fuck does that work? Read it bitches, it works harder than your Mom at a glory hole.

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