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OK. So, I’m kind of lost on the point of the format for this/these series(es?) Decompressed storytelling was pretty big for awhile there, and it seems to have gotten better over the past year or so, with shorter stories taking place (Siege was amazing and nice and quick!). So what’s the deal with this? Ultimate Enemy was 3 issues, which led directly into Ultimate Mystery, which I assume will lead into …Ultimate Cereal? Ultimate ..Toaster? (I dunno, I try to avoid Previews and spoilers whenever possible.) The point is, I’m sure there’s another mini-series coming after this one. Why? Why not just do one 12 issue maxiseries called Ultimate Mystery? So they can get the unsuspecting to buy three #1 issues that are all part of the same story? Does anyone LIKE this format? Let me answer that for you. No. Even if you answered “yes” to that question, you’re wrong and I’m right. Also, you look dumb in that turtleneck sweater.

So, while I don’t approve of the format, I have to say this second issue of the second miniseries of this maxiseries (see? it’s ‘tarded when you have to spell it out like that, right?) is pretty good stuff. I can’t say I’m incredibly intrigued by the mysterious enemy itself, but the dialogue for Mahr Vehl [or Captain Marvel (see what they did there with the spelling and the what-not?)] is pretty brilliant, especially in issue 1. Friggin’ awesome. Also, can I have a Spider-Woman series now please? She is one of my faves of the current Ultimate U. I love that she is the female version of Peter Parker (quite literally a clone) and that Human Torch has a crush on her and that it’s wicked awkward for her and Peter to interact. Love it.

My favorite aspect of the Ultimate Universe is the fearlessness with which the characters evolve, and how different they are from what we know in the 616 U. I’m a sucker for alternate versions of characters, and I love that the writers are getting more kooky with that. Bendis is exploring things like “if Ben Grimm isn’t forever trapped in a body made of rock, what does that mean for the character?” I’m sure a lot of fans are annoyed that he isn’t still the spitting image of the 616 Thing, but I’m grateful that Bendis is taking risks like that. Yes, let’s see what The Thing would be like if he was a super-powerful purple fella. Why not? I’m also curious to see what the deal is with Reed Richards. Supposedly he perished in Ultimate Enemy, but is he mini-series dead, or Ultimatum dead, and if the latter, what does that mean to the FF as a team? So many questions that I’m curious to see resolved. Again, I don’t really care about the Enemy itself, as much as what it has wrought. I can’t wait until the fifth part of the seventh miniseries that ties all this together to find out! Ahhh sarcasm. You’re my only friend.

PS. J Scott Campbell, you are absolutely one of my favorite artists working today. But Rick Jones is supposed to be 15 (so it says in this issue)…why did you draw him with the physique of a 25 year old athlete with Willem Dafoe’s face?

PPS. The 616 Nick Fury sight gag was purdy funny.

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  1. I have actually found the dialogue is very entertaining. I jumped right into this, not reading the series before this and it’s kind of fun not knowing anything. The awkwardness between spiderman and spiderwoman is hilarious.

    Nice review JD. I agree, only shforteenteen wompamuffins for this one.

  2. JayDee says:

    Yeah, I agree with you agreeing with me! Good stuff!! I hope it finishes well though..

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