New Episode #34 up now!

Hey there sassafrassians! JD and Optimous Douche from talk about this week’s books and digress into lots of amazing comic-related goodness!

This week’s books:
New Avengers #3
Highland Laddie #1
Amazing Spider-Man #640
Brightest Day #8
Green Lantern Corps #51
Uncanny X-Men #527

As well as Whilce Portacio, Namor’s fish-sex, Wolverine’s amazing ability to be on 100 teams at once, Weed, Waiting for the trade, the future of comics publishing, Garth Ennis’ nutsack sweat, and much much more!

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  1. Optimous Douche says:

    Nice tags for this one

  2. Keystone Cops, haha. I think Optimous Douche is dating himself. As goes for the reviews, I’m ok with Uncanny X-Men, I’m almost caught up with Brightest Day and it sounds like I’m glad I didn’t read Highland Laddies. Great job guys, I will have to set aside some time and I can noob it up in the hezzy.

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