Long Time, No Reviews!

Yes, I know. PopTards hasn’t had any reviews or updates lately, but you have to know we all have been so busy. Myself, Uncle Dunklenutz, have been working on some web design work which includes The Cold Cow (an awesome ice cream shop in New Jersey), Veni Vidi Eat Cheese (my soon to be up and running food blog) and BonsaiShark (my portfolio website).

I want you all to know I haven’t forgotten about you. I have been reading comics, watching movies and thinking random things that I can’t answer. So I have decided to confuse the hell out of all of you and throw it up here in a quick and random order.

1. How many nuts does a squirrel need to gather to be ready for the winter?
2. BatmanUnder the Red Hood was a 4.5 out of 5.
3. Flash Brightest Day is a lot of fun!
4. The Losers was ok, but I would’ve rather watched A-team again.
5. Why is it called a dry hump when I end up…never-mind.
6. Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant is a fun film and John C. Reilly is awesome.
7. To start someone off reading comics I suggest The Ultimates. It’s a nice all around series and interesting story.
8. Go rent Brothers.
9. I still don’t understand The Box. Especially the whole water levitation thing.
10. Blackest Night is bad-ass, but not good for someone starting off. Try to familiarize yourself with all the super-heroes and then read about Green Lantern before Blackest Night.
11. The Collector was messed up, but I like that kind of stuff.
12. 2012 is ok if you go in expecting the ridiculous and never feeling like anyone is in danger.
13. Comics not to read: Boondock Saints, Any Thor comic with “Viking Lettering,” Ultimate Avengers 2 was ok (but not epic like they all should be), I will have more.
14. I want to start seeing hybrid animals. I feel like a baboon and a cheetah would be a wicked looking creature. My sketch doesn’t really do it justice.
15. Ninja Assassin was awesome for blood splatter and cool shadow ninja stuff.
16. Mass Effect is a fun game, but I can’t really play long enough to go through it all.

So that has been another random session with your friend Uncle Dunklenutz.
Remember, feel free to comment.
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  1. Optimous Douche says:

    Dunk, you put up relative instead of absolute links on your pet projects…

  2. UPDATES!!!! Fixed the links and The Cold Cow is now live!

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