Comics: The Mighty (TPB Vol 1)

Writer: Peter Tomasi & Keith Champagne
Artists: Peter Snejbjerg & Chris Samnee
Publisher: DC Comics

There are a bunch of Gods gone bad these days. Power corrupts and absolute power makes you a total douche-nozzle. Or so the saying goes. Irredeemable, A God Somewhere and The Mighty all come to mind as examples. This is the streamlined version of Irredeemable. It’s difficult to talk about any of these books without mentioning the other. All are tales of a Superman arch-type gone bad. But frankly, so far, I’m liking this one more. While Irredeemable takes place after their greatest hero goes bad, and a resistance has formed up to battle him, this one takes a much more atmospheric approach. I’d say that Irredeemable is the American version of this story, all blood and guts and employs the “let’s see what the worst thing he can do each issue” approach, The Mighty is more of a Japanese horror story. There’s a lot of build-up, tension and suspicion and it takes it’s good ole time getting through the story. And it’s great.

While The Mighty doesn’t have the visceral doom-factor that Irredeemable has, it does do away with all the JLA type members with silly names that I have trouble remembering or caring about. Instead we get Gabe Cole and his loving wife Janet. It is far easier to get to know these characters and to care about their well-being when Alpha One inevitably goes crazytown. I think this is the main reason I prefer The Mighty and A God Somewhere over Irredeemable. An emotional center. Not just chaos chaos chaos. Tomasi and Champagne have created immediately interesting characters and set the burner on low. There is definitely something to be said for a good long build-up. (Enter sassy joke here.) I just hope the pay-off lives up to it.

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