Alana’s Top 5 – Albums That Helped Shape Me

Inspired by JD’s top five, I have decided to include one as well. Besidies techie stuffs, music has always been a huge part of who I am. I started with trumpet, then branched out into voice lessons and piano. I love playing and singing music. Listening to it is also a hobby of sorts for me. I love finding new music, sharing it,  or getting it from friends (when I’m not all snobby about it and criticizing it to death only to like it later. *sigh*). These listed here are mostly from high school and a little later, but these are the ones I still love and love to reflect on. So without further or due, here are just 5 of my many albums that have shaped me and are most likely still on my turn table. These are not in biographical order. :)

5. Nine Inch Nails – The Downward Spiral

In high school I discovered Trent Reznor…and his music. The music was hard and had melody.  Lyrics while sometimes campy, were nice and angsty for my teenage self. When I played the album I could literally feel songs like “Eraser” and “Reptile” course through my veins. This hard yet melodic music moved me. It still does to this day. I will say though, that the album Pretty Hate Machine has some of THE BEST cheesy lyrics and rhymes. Did I mention that in high school I had a NIN shirt for every day of the week? And on a creeptastic note, I totally had a piece of Trent’s hair. Thank you M.K. for it!!!

4. Radiohead – OK Computer

Wow, ok, where to start with this one. The music is beautiful on this album. At this point Radiohead had moved beyond their angst ridden years and came into their own. Lush music mixed with Thom’s voice came together to form what is currently a top rated album in the “best of’s.” Paranoid Android is a great example of what they could do. Not only are there parts to the song, but if you listen closer you’ll hear more changes, complex arrangements and well, Thom’s lyrics (if you can even understand them). This album definitely got me to branch out into other types of music that were definitely calmer then the previously mentioned NIN.

3.Slowdive – Souvlaki

This was one of my first albums of the dream pop or shoe-gaze genere. The washed out vocals and dreamy sounding guitars always lulled me into a calm state. I still love listening to this album at night, especially in the Fall when it’s just starting to get  chilly.

Try it! You’ll see what I mean.

2. Blur – Parklife

I’m 15, and before me  on the Box is a man with blonde shaggy hair, blue eyes, and a track jacket singing about boys and girls and girls who are boys. Confusing no? Well, I dug it. So much as a matter of fact that I pretty much bought as much Blur as I could get my hands on at that time. I loved their tongue in cheek lyrics, and Damon Alburn (now in the band Gorillaz) was dead sexxxy. Also, these guys were AMAZING live. They are entertaining and sound great! A lot of their songs are pretty upbeat, which on sunny days was definitely something I blasted in my car. This album introduced me to the world of Bitpop which dominated my life for quite a few years.

1. The Cure – Disintegration

This album or the Faith/Carnage Visor album are still on HEAVY rotation. There’s just something about this album that pulls me in every time I listen to it. Yeah, I know it’s named appropriately and it’s rather depressing, but there’s something dark and beautiful about it. I have been sad cried to this album in the past, and somehow it always made me feel better. The album just seems to flow from one song to another. One long, mostly slow album perfect for your mopey or poetic hand to the forehead days. And come on, it’s fun to count how many times Robert Smith uses words like: cats, grey, boys, and Christmas. Trust me, listen to enough Cure, and you’ll hear it. And yes, when I listened to them back in the day, I did happen to wear a lot of black. Shoosh!

So there you have it. My top 5 that shaped me more or less. Now, there are plenty more than this here list. Here’s a few honorable mentions that are more shapers or in current rotation:

Air – Moon Safari: French lounge! AWESOME summer music!! Put it in your car now for a sunny day!!!

Chet Baker – The best of Chet Baker Sings: Thank you Gino! This guy’s voice is smoooth and seductive… oh yeah, and he’s a good trumpet player too! Put this on when you want to get your romantic mood on. I promise you it will work.

Tool – Undertow: I LOOOOVE Maynard’s voice. There is such power in it!

Florence + The Machine: this is new, but her voice and haunting lyrics are toooo good.

Elbow – Asleep In The Back: Beautiful, sad, blue.

Dusty Springfeild – Dusty In Memphis: WOW!

What are your top 5 or 10 albums that blew your mind when you heard them? What do you still listen to? What is something you have discovered and felt the need to share with everyone? Comment below! I would love to see your lists! Next week, is back to tech! Until then, see you all next week!!


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  1. niki says:

    A you totally did have a NIN shirt for every day of the week! LOL!! that’s ok, i had a SG shirt for every day of the week + then some, too!! weeee dorks us in HS

  2. JD (Host) says:

    Great article! Glad I could inspire you so! 😉 To be fair, your video review of the iPhone 4 inspired me to do my own video review of Scott Pilgrim comics!

    I think I’ll do my own Pop5 Album list to respond to this one!

    I was actually listening to NIN as I popped open this article. The Day The World Went Away, from And All That Could Have Been. So yeah, NIN is still in my rotation. The hair thing IS a little creeper-tastical though. 😉 And I’m with you on Florence + The Machine and Tool..

    Also some more recent honorable mentions for me would be Fiona Apple – Extraordinary Machine, Rise Against – The Sufferer and the Witness and Childish Gambino – I Am Just A Rapper (he’s the lil hilarious black guy – Donald Glover – from Community and the Derrick Comedy troupe.)

  3. JD (Host) says:

    ps. way to keep it real on VINYL!!!!!!
    old school high-five!

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